Emerging artists unveil works of enduring times at Park Seo

Standing in front of the works by Korean artists Kim Deok-han and Keem Ji-young can be a solemn experience, as the artists’ laborious effort and sincerity hit home.

The exhibition “Keem&Kim’s Glowing Overlaid Hour” at Gizi Foundation’s Art Base in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, shows 11 works by the young artists whose works are created through the tedious and time-intensive process of layering colors over each other.

Born in 1981, Kim applies traditional Korean lacquering to his art. He applies a lacquer layer mixed with colored powder and rubs the surface with sandpaper, a process he continuously repeats. The repeated actions lead to colors that are revealed unexpectedly as if to remind the viewer of the way life consists of numerous moments and times.

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